Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stay tuned for results from this year's Weekend of Scrappin'!!  (Mostly catching up on Project Life)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cherry Picker

This page is SCREAMING for some stitching!!! ...Can't you hear it?!

Upon coming back to the table after being either shopping or...something...I found a lady taking a picture of my layout! ...guess the banner was inspiring to her and she wanted ideas on how to use it. The layout wasn't done yet when she took the picture, so here it is a bit more completed...just needs stitching ;)

...maybe a black drawn border too...


This is a fun layering page i did at the Brandon Scrapbooker's Convention this year. Totally Loren colours! ;)

Weirdest thing: the music paper was bought online awhile back from someone in winnipeg...little did I know at the time, it was my new friend across the table from me that sold it to me!! We didn't figure that out til a week later! too funny :)

anyone headed to Brandon?...i could sure do with a venti caramel macchiato right about now!! (stayed up waayyy too late last night)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sweet vintage

Ella is so lucky to have a friend who's mom likes to throw creative parties...just for fun! My kinda girl!!


We had a great first summer of camping. Thanks Sporty's! See you again next year!


Where you go, I go.

I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend. Seriously.

my 2 sunshine boys

These 2 gemini boys are so full of love and sunshine. They are incredible and I am so lucky to have them in my life!

snowshoe sweethearts

A new adventure for our family this year was snowshoeing. Looking forward to doing this again this coming winter!

Snowshoes have come a long way. Those big wooden ones I used in school weren't as easy, from what I can remember...and no, it wasn't THAT long ago!!

***page inspired by Kelly Purkey's "philly friends"


Where did those 30C temperatures from last September long weekend go??? Sure didn't get near that hot this year!!!


Nash has an amazing sense of adventure, he'll try absolutely anything....except when it comes to food...

fun page

This page was downright fun. Right from painting the orange border and stamping white snowflakes over the orange paint, to freehand cutting goofy circles to layer on top of each other, to distressing edges, to my favourite quick date stamp, to those glossy black sticker alphas, to writing directly on my photo with a permanent marker....and on wavy lines at that! Even the colours are fun!

***my fun inspiration: Elsie Flannigan :)

all done

No more Nursery School!! No more paying for her education!! ....ok, until University...when paying for a year of nursery school might not even cover her textbooks in university....let's not think about that right now...KINDERGARTEN HERE WE COME!!!

can you do it?

Can you make the vulcan greeting with your fingers?

My hand naturally goes that way, I must have some vulcan in me.

We had a fun pit stop in Vulcan, Alberta last year. It was a fun surprise for my Trekkie husband.

Gotta Love September!!


My favourite time of the year.

Back to school supplies.
Time to get things done around the house.
My birthday.
Fall colours.
Fall clothes.
Fall pictures.

I like Fall.

We didn't get much of it last year. Summer went late and then winter started. I get the feeling we're gonna have more fall this year. It's feelin a bit chilly already.

imagination movers

These kids make me so happy.

I love the way that they can play and play and play together. Many days it doesn't even cross our minds to invite friends over because we have so much fun playing together ourselves!

spritz spritz

How fun is it to play with mists?!! LOTS!!!!!

This layout was inspired by Lisa Truesdell's "Exploring Color" that was in Kelly Purkey's 1st Sketchbook class.

Wish I had made the circle behind the photos bigger, but other than that, I *heart* it :)

best school day

These are one of the best school days ever! Easy on the parents and kids in the morning, one less thing to do before walking out the door, and super comfortable and fun for the kids all day long. The boys loved it!

***Thanks Kerri for doing the stars and then deciding she doesn't like the paper and giving it to me ;)

fluffy clouds

mmmmm, fluffy clouds.....I hand cut these clouds, usually they don't work out the way I want them to, but I really like these ones....with a little bit of dry brush paint around the edges.


Another thing I don't do very often is stampin my own patterned paper. Not really a huge fan of that.

This is a lift from Elsie Flannigan, from her recipe box layouts.

LOVED doing the doodling around the strip of 4 photos on the bottom!

Of all my kids, Nash definitely likes getting his picture taken the most :)


I've never used transparencies very much, so this is a pretty basic go at it.

These colours are so Mason. Lots of red, orange, and yellow.

snow friend

I love how the colours came together for this one!

***inspired by Marcy Penner from My Scrap Shoppe


Perks of having a would think would be chocolate covered donuts....ok, they are.

But another perk is all these great labels rolls!!


Too funny :)

I am so much more about scrapbooking moments and things the kids say, than about the big events. There is not the same pressure to make it perfect or amazing, in my mind, I guess? ....and it's just FUN!

it's a love thing

These 2 have declared they are BFFs. Best Friends Forever. ...or as Ella says, "BFFs forever, right Nash?"

I overheard them arguing the other day and then one of them said, "WAIT! Remember? BFFs!!". And then they started getting along again :) I'll have to remember to pull that one out myself sometime!

***Oh! And this layout was inspired by Susi at My Scrap Shoppe:


This year, Mason is off to Grade 5. Time sure flew by this year, but we're excited for what lies ahead of us with all 3 kids now attending the same school!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School

Wow. That was the fastest summer. Ever. Even my summers as a kid were longer than that! Why does it go by even faster when I'm a parent?

We had a big change this summer, we bought our first camper. So that made us look forward to the weekends even more! Maybe that's why the season flew by way too quickly.

I am so happy to have another week with the kids before they have to go back to school. Sounds like lots of others have already headed back. Good ol' Manitoba! Still got a few days to pack the backpacks, get haircuts, buy a few more clothes, and stock up on lunch and snack items.

My youngest heads off to Kindergarten this year. I'm gonna miss her lots, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to getting caught up on bookwork that I've let slide for way to long. Routine. How I can crave it and fear it all at the same time?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Card for Dance Instructor

Ella had her 2nd Dance Recital this spring. Her class did a hula routine. The card I made for her instructor was a bit of a reflection of their costumes...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


These are some of my favourite scraplifts lately, sorry I don't have the names that I lifted from, but if I find them, I'll add them in here.

"confidence" was a lot of fun, all those patterned squares are actually my own doodling!

"Fright Night" was a lift from Kelly Purkey, I remember that much! Her page was red white and blue, I'll have to look up the title. I love Kelly's style, I'm taking her online class right now filled with different ideas on how to use sketches.